Get To Know No Label!

No Label NGO, is the first Lebanese anti-bullying non-profit in the region founded in August 2015. We are the most ambitious anti-bullying organization you’ll ever meet!

To date, the entire MENA suffers from lack of awareness in bullying and other child development issues which we tackle as an NGO.

“An individual should grow up in a safe environment, feeling accepted and not judged. But with the current stigmas, the society is not doing a great job with that.”

A lot of young people have come forward and discussed how bullying affected their lives, whether they were in its direct circle or they knew someone who had to go through this.

No Label raises awareness on bullying, the importance of bullying prevention and its techniques through developing programs and curriculums that create bully free zones, anywhere!

Our Mission:

1- No Label is dedicated to govern all educational institutions and stakeholders with endless knowledge towards bullying prevention (and related issues), creating bully free zones and bringing up individuality among all.

2- Our NGO aims to shed light on the importance of mental health in developmental psychology among all individuals.

3- We are passionate about making a change in our society and the lives of individuals all over Lebanon by constantly delivering value to our stakeholders.

Our vision:

 To become the pioneer in bullying prevention in Lebanon and the MENA.

Our Impact:

1. Conducted awareness sessions to 1300+ people

2. Participated in 2 junior soft-skill mini-camps

3. Launched our first product line: Blue Nail Polish

Our milestones:

The affiliations we’ve been building for the past 2 years are our source of credibility. Our partners include local businesses that serve students, universities, media outlets, online platforms and businesses in the food and beverage industry.
This is what we were able to achieve with $0 funding:
1. Continuos bullying awareness sessions to school and univeristy students
2. We piloted projects of soft-skill trainings for children as young as 6 years old. The projects were successful and they will be our primary focus for bullying prevention. 
3. We partnered with LAU’s Outreach & Civic Engagement Unit for volunteering. ¼ students stay in No Label NGO
4. We began drafting our bullying prevention program along with psyhcology major seniors from LAU Byblos Campus
5. We launched “No Label by Lexy”, our blue nail polish color and our first product line. Lexy is a local cosmetic brand. Available in stores since November 2016.
6. Raise awareness & funds with local businesses via CSR campaigns: Proceeds go to No Label based on menu item purchases or adding donations to the bill.

So What Is Bullying?

Bullying is an unwanted form of repetitive aggressive behavior that is done by one person, or a group of people, intended to hurt an individual. This behavior usually involves an imbalance of power that is either real or perceived.


Why Is This Topic So Important?

- 6 out of 10 people still go through bullying. 36% report it. (Petrosina, Guckenburg, DeVoe, and Hanson, 2010)

- 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and only 4% intervene to stop it

- In school bullying prevention programs decrease bullying by 25% (McCallion and Feder, 2013)