So, What Do We Do?

No Label drives impact by fighting bullying through empowering its stakeholders using modern technqiues in education and psycho-social support.
Our model is unique to the education sector. Our current activities include:
1. Student soft-skill training through interactive and fun learning experiences
2. Parental orientations, meet-ups and round table discussions on parenting
3. Teacher certifications to train educators in Lebanon how to create bully free zones
4. “Talks with No Label” Event Series – Empowering youth through story-telling.
Our hollistic approach originates from our belief that bullying doesn’t only involve an agressor and a victim. It is the school, classroom and the students.

We want to work against the fact that there are individuals still experiencing bullying.

Train: We train students, teachers, parents and employees by sharing best practices to solve this issue.

Research: We want to initiate research! Lebanon lacks data, facts and figures on the subject of bullying and related topics. Our main objective is to explore bullying locally and regionally to help us develop our programs to better serve you.

Tell Stories: We stand behind our values, and one value is building confidence. We team up with influencers who are role models to many young individuals out there by sharing the experiences that have shaped them into individuals they are today!

Partner: It is important to partner with various organizations and institutions to reach a wider audience and affected individuals all over Lebanon. We want to create effective action!

Create Awareness: It is always important for us to be close to the public, this is why we want to run as much awareness campaigns as we can so we can deliver the message of equality, individuality and self-love to everyone out there!

Offer Continuous & Effective Support: Mental health in developmental psychology is a huge topic to stir these days. We stand behind our beliefs and we believe that mental health support for everyone is a pivotal approach that everyone should include in their daily lives! With our team of certified psychologists and counselors, we want to provide support to everyone out there.

We want to empower individuals.

From the moment you get involved with us, you will discover that our approach towards creating bully free zones is an ongoing process through our stakeholders’ lives. We are passionate about making a change in our society and the lives of the students all over Lebanon by constantly delivering value to our stakeholders.

Our programs:

1- Junior Soft-Skill Programs

2- Parental Meet-ups

3- Teacher Training

Our Stakeholders: