My Friend Is Being Bullied


Your friend needs you, even if they didn’t ask for your help. So take the initiative and show them that you are there for them. This is what you should do if your friend is getting bullied:

Make them know that you are there for them

Make them forget it or not think about the bullying that much: Hang out with them, go for a walk, do activities together so they can get their mind off it for a bit

Show support to your friend: Urge them to talk about it! Yes it will be difficult, but you are their friend and you know how to make them speak. Make sure they not only tell you, but tell a trusted adult too!

Be their buddy at school: Make sure you always stay next to them during recess.

Walk from/to school with them (or sit next to them in the bus): People who bully are hard to get away from especially if it was off-campus. So if you were next to them in their journey to and from school, it can help lessen the bullying.