I Am Bullying Someone


You are bullying someone? 

If you realize that you are being a bully, you have to know that your actions are hurting other people; even if you are not aware. If you are bullying someone, you can do these:

Admit to yourself that you are involved in a bullying behavior: This is your first step in figuring out how to stop.

Apologize to the people you are bullying: It is courageous to say sorry to someone, but very important because everyone makes mistakes.

Figure out what is making you bully: Think about the things that are happening in your life now that are making you upset and angry. When you figure them out, speak to your parents or friends about them.

Think before doing anything: If you feel like saying or doing someone that might hurt another person, take 3 seconds and think about it. Do the same if you are about to send an abusive message out; you actually can delete it!

Discover new ways to earn respect: If you are doing this for the respect, you are actually not earning it! You can find people’s respect in other activities like practicing your favorite sport, work on your talent and hobbies!