Upskilled Grad and No Label partner for LIU



Upskilled Grad launches in Lebanon with the determination of “Inspiring Career Success”.

As part of its serial university workshops, we partnered with UpSkilled Grad to deliver a workshop for senior students at Lebanese International University. Specifically, we pitched in energizing the students with Techniques to Build Resiliency & Confidence.
The workshop was attended by more than 80 students from the university who had different backgrounds.
As part of No Label’s programs, we offer “employee empowerment” and training workshops.
Workplace bullying exists, and heavily especially in large organizations due to the high level of competitiveness to stand out for better career opportunities. This is why we consider employees a pivotal element of our stakeholders which we cater tailor-made workshops and seminars to empower the employee towards resiliency, career success and confidence.
We believe that the right way to tackle workplace bullying does not rely on spreading awareness on the issue itself; but by offering solutions. Our solution is training the employee towards becoming “less prone” to workplace harassment/bullying; and if subject to bullying, to be able to bounce back quickly and solve the issue.
If you are a business that believes that its team is its biggest asset, then you believe that investing in your staff will grant you a big ROI.
No label offers you a wide range of employee development workshops, tailor made to your industry and your business.