No Label partners with LAU’s Outreach & Civic Engagement Unit



Lebanese American University has launched its student civic engagement program in spring 2016, and No Label is a proud partner in its 2016 edition! We are part of the 58 non-profits who joined the program this year, and this is our first year in action.

LAU business major students will be completing community service efforts and engagement during the spring semester in an attempt by LAU to promote volunteerism within the undergraduates; which makes LAU a pioneer in Lebanon by launching this program.
Some argue that volunteerism must not be mandatory, or obliged. However, building empathy and civic engagement has to have a starting point; which in this case is through a program like this.
According to testimonials of LAU students who have completed this program, they were able to get introduced to the world of non-profit and social causes in Lebanon which still does lack awareness. In addition, upon their completion they were able to grow passionate about the cause they have volunteered in.
This testimonial is the impression we as an NGO are looking forward to leave in the LAU students when they complete their experience with us.
If you would like to volunteer, we are always welcoming fresh minds into our growing team. Just leave us a message!