MakeSense x No Label



MakeSense MENA created a “hold-up” especially for No label in AUB for impact building. We actually got pretty amazing results from students who signed up to help us build impact for the NGO.

In an almost 2 hour workshop, we were able to have a full timeline of projects that we can work on. The ideas were great and it is always great hearing what others have to suggest especially if we are just starting out.

What is MakeSense:

MakeSense is an open project built by a community of people passionated about Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the web. The project was kickstarted by Christian Vanizette and Romain Raguin during a roadtrip in Asia. You can know more details about it by visiting their website

If you are a Lebanese social entrepreneur who just ventured into the environment, it would be great if you reached out to the regional team here