No Label in the media: "Bullying in Lebanon: The war against Labels"




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In the absence of clear preventive measures and proper statistical assessment, bullying continues to be a grossly undermined social issue in Lebanon. sat down with Nour El Assaad, founder of anti-bullying NGO No Label, to discuss prevalence and impact of this alarming phenomenon on our society. 

“Lebanon suffers from a lack of awareness about bullying and this is causing major damage, since bullying is something that affects the person on the long-run, ultimately resulting in a snowball effect,” El Assaad explained.

What makes things worse is that such coercive domination is often dismissed as ‘a normal part of growing up’ by the larger society. “Bullying is being dealt with the old fashioned way. This lack of awareness translates into a lack of action taken against bullying in general,” El Assaad told

“We don’t have legislations, laws or rules against bullying in Lebanon. We plan to change that as an NGO,” she noted. “Our goal is to raise awareness about the issue and to make our country label-free.”

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