Role of Parents in Preventing Bullying starts with Talking!



School continues to be the most environment where bullying takes place. This brings less opportunity for the parents to be involved in their children’s school life if their child either bullies or gets bullied. However, this does not necessarily mean a bad thing.

Parents’ role in a healthy parenting style is not direct involvement in the child’s problems, acting as the “sole” solution if anything wrong happens. Instead, the parents’ role in a situation like bullying should start from the home, with opening up with your child, trying to be involved in their life in school through simply starting a conversation and not going to the school if you learn that anything happened.

The number one key to be involved in your child’s life starts by showing them you are there to listen mostly and giving them the trust and liberty to deal with the situation by themselves.

As parents, it is normal for us to get emotional if we learned that our child is getting bullied in school, but we definitely should not act based on emotions, instead we should keep our kid in charge of taking hold of the situation. This way, we will be indirectly empowering the kid who is getting bullied into proper decision making, confidence and drawing conclusion through the simple approach of “conversation.”

As a parent, these are quick tips of what you can do:

  1. Explain Bullying to your Child
  2. Communicate at all times
  3. Encourage your child towards his/her passion

Read a detailed explanation of each of the 3 steps above, here.

If you believe your child is difficult to initiate a conversation with, especially in this topic, below are a list of questions you can start your conversation with:

- How was recess at school today?

- Did one thing good happen today?

More questions here.

In order to understand how much the issue is affecting the children, you have to talk about bullying directly. The questions you will ask have no right or wrong answers, but it is important to encourage kids towards honest answers. They have to know that they are not alone in this.

Bullying is more than a direct relationship between the aggressor and the “victim.” Contrary to the public belief, bullying occurs in a circle – The circle of bullying, which consists of the indirect participators in the act of bullying.

The circle of bullying’s first dimension is what includes the students. However, this circle has another very important dimension – the parents.

Image source: Freepik