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We are proud to have partnered with Bahrain's leading Business Magazine"BizBahrain" by launching our own monthly 'well-being' section together!

The June Issue of the magazine featured a one-on-one interview with our President and Founder Ms. Nour El Assaad to introduce No Label to the magazine's readers as well as the topic of bullying.

We will be having the opportunity to publish our monthly articles in BizBahrain magazine under the "Health & Well-Being" section. We aim to promote dialogue on parenting issues, child upbringing, mental health and related topics which fall under our objective as an NGO.

Read the full interview below ...

Nour El Assaad is the founder and president of No Label NGO; region’s first anti-bullying non-profit organization. Named as one of the fastest growing social entrepreneurs by the media, she is passionate and well-driven. In 2014 she was selected to represent the World Youth Vision at the United Nations on the topic of Women’s Health & Development. Having worn many hats in her career at such a young age by graduating from college at 19 years old; she made her way in the marketing scene, tech scene and social entrepreneurship.

How did the anti bullying social initiative come about? What was the trigger?

My personal experience with Bullying was actually the main trigger on why I founded No Label NGO. Throughout my school years, I suffered from bullying since I was the youngest in my class because I had to skip a class. The bullying stayed for a long time, I was always treated as the youngest and as an outcast.

One day I was doing some research about the topic, when I decided to actually search about it in Arabic instead of English to find out data in the region, and I merely found anything. I noticed there is lack of awareness and the subject is not given any importance.

Because I was passionate about the topic, I decided to create a Facebook page just to educate the people about the topic. Soon after, I received a lot of support either from individuals or schools and businesses. I decided to take an extra step and turn it into an NGO especially after there was a huge interest in conducting awareness sessions in schools.

How did you make it into an NGO? What was the process?

Before becoming official, it was important for us to understand how much the public and the school know about the topic and what are the solutions. Since we are the only organization that deals with this topic, we had to learn by ourselves through trial. We sat with students and schools and set our structure on how we will be the solution for this cause. We finally became official in August 2015!

What is your vision and how successful have you been in achieving it?

Our vision is to become the pioneer in bullying prevention in the region. We are laying our first step towards fulfilling our objectives. So far, thankfully, it is safe to say that we are doing great! The amount of support we are receiving is tremendous. We are currently in the capacity building stage, since we are new, where we are developing a bullying prevention program to be adopted in schools! We also just launched our “Blue Bench Project” in which we have designed creative benches that promoted social interaction within students in the playground.

Do you think this is a serious problem in this region?

It is a very serious problem. There is a huge lack of awareness, lack of data and no solutions. There is a few interest in the “emotional” and “psychological” aspect of the child throughout their development. There is a huge need to understand that developmental psychology is pivotal for raising a good generation. This starts by actually empowering our children in their soft skills and positive values at such a young age i.e. preventive measures.

Tell us about a few cases where your NGO has intervened and made a difference?

Whenever we go to a school for an interactive session, whether big or small, we notice that all what kids want is to talk! The amount of students who just talk about their experience publically and in front of their friends is a lot! We are astonished. I believe that triggering conversation about the topic is our stepping stone towards breaking the taboos and stigmas.

Has the UN and the international community supported you on this cause?

As we are still new, we have not had any support yet. We hope that through our hard work and across your platforms, we can create awareness on the cause and that such an organization like us exists and is working hard to give solution! We are the most ambitious NGO you’ll ever meet.

How can we in Bahrain as parents and a society watch for signs and bring about change?

The number one key to be involved in your child’s life starts by showing them you are there to listen mostly and giving them the trust and liberty to deal with the situation by themselves. As parents, it is normal for us to get emotional if we learned that our child is getting bullied in school, but we definitely should not act based on emotions, instead we should keep our kid in charge of taking hold of the situation. This way, we will be indirectly empowering the kid who is getting bullied into proper decision making, confidence and drawing conclusion through the simple approach of “conversation.”

As a parent, these are quick tips of what you can do:

-Explain Bullying to your Child

-Communicate at all times

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