Internship Opportunity


We're looking for content creators for our online platforms who are willing to volunteer by writing related articles that we will publish on the website weekly + in our monthly newsletters. 

No Label NGO is lebanon's first & only anti-bullying NGO that creates impact through awareness sessions and prevention methods in the areas of psycho-social support to students, parents and educators.

ANY type of content (whether descriptive, factual, sharing personal story) etc. ... That falls under our umbrella is great.

At No Label NGO we talk about the following topics the whole time:

1- Body Image
2- Self-Image
3- Eating Disorders
4- Media & Social Media Impact in Daily Life 
5- Eating Disorders 
6- Mental Health 
7- Child Mental Health
8- Parenting

We want to create a safe environment for all & our online platform would be a place where we empower what we do on ground but online.
Just imagine yourself writing under Huffington Post's "Well-Being" section! It will be cool!