This Is What I Want My 5-year-old to Learn


Bullying Could Affect your Child’s Mental Health

I am a concerned mother of a five-year-old and a mental health advocate. I do not only hold myself responsible for my daughter alone but I hold myself responsible for every child that I can reach out to. As a mother, I want my daughter to learn and appreciate differences in others. I want to know that she lives in a world safe from bullying and I would love to see her grow into a loving non-judgemental person. Teaching her how to give back to the world is the greatest gift I can ever give her.
Can anyone disagree that we all go through waves of mental health experiences every day? I mean, humans are emotional beings at the end. We are constantly rolling on a scale of wellbeing, including both positive and negative emotions. For some of us the emotional waves are relatively small but for others, they are much greater.
It is so important to know that emotional health is as important as physical health especially in today’s modern and stressful lifestyle, not to mention how much personal pressure we are constantly placing on ourselves and on those around us.
 Bullying may most certainly cause emotional problems. Children and adolescents who are bullied are at a greater risk of mental health problems like depression, anxiety and difficulties adjusting to school just to mention a few. It's so unacceptable that there is still such stigma and discriminating behaviours in today’s world. Most of us do not easily notice the signs within our family and friends, and even when we do, we do not know what to do due to fear of saying or doing something wrong.
We must highlight how much we all need to be cautious and take care of each other. With the cause and initiatives of “No Label Me” increasing current awareness, we hope that we will all feel comfortable talking, sharing and helping each other more often. Life may be a bumpy ride but it's always good to know that someone has your back.
None of our children are exempt from potential mental health issues, and anxiety and depression have become all too prevalent in today’s world. We are doing our best to incorporate this type of education in schools to be able to deal with issues at earlier stages in a child’s life and give them the chance to learn how to deal with bullying on the giving as well as on the receiving side.
This is an opportunity every child deserves to say the least.  

About the contributor:
- Nadine Bolbol: A Mental Health Advocate and a victim of depression. A concerned single parent raising a child in today’s ruthless world, hoping to make it a more comfortable place for our future generations. I came across a Facebook Post asking for someone to help with writing articles and thought to myself how easy it has become to lend a helping hand with access to social media. Something we should all consider doing more often. 
Thank you for reading!  


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