I was bullied at school


Well, to get started, I was bullied at school.

Getting bullied is definitely something difficult and sometimes shameful.
When I was a child I couldn’t say no to mostly anyone I encounter. I went back home everyday thinking that I’m a failure, loser and hopeless.
Some label this as a “weak personality.” I will leave you to judge at the end.
I was in a public boys-only school with little control on bullying. Actually, the administration lacked knowledge about the topic on its own.
I was the smart kid who everyone would respectjust in time of an exam or an assignment. However, as soon as we’d be done from the exams, I’d be back to being nobody again.
Not so cool.
Most of the time, children who are introverts by nature get bullied because of the difficulty to confront others and defend themselves. This was my case.
Children don’t really understand the reason why they get bullied. They ask themselves “Why me, why not someone else. What have I done?” This makes them feel they’re out of this world and do not belong to it. They don’t realize it is just a matter of time.
I was once a child who went through all of this. I questioned myself many times.
“Is there something wrong with me? Am I qualified to be in this kind of society or not? When will this come to an end?!” were some of the daily questions I used to ask myself.
There’s a website, which is a question and answer website, where I chose to anonymously share my story on.
The website community soon started answering me by saying that “introverts” usually face what I was facing and people with this type of personality tend to believe they’re weak, while it is not weakness; it is a personality type.
I haven’t heard of the word “introvert” before, so I googled it.  I read many articles about introversion and how it can influence your life.
Introverts’ main struggle is social anxiety. They tend to get overwhelmed in seconds while in a conversation with someone else. This leads to feelings of weakness and discouragement to face the public. 
After reading quite a bunch of posts, I grew to understand and accept myself more. I realized that being an introvert is not a shame!
Do you imagine that Gandhi was an introvert? Or Einstein?!
The people’s support on the website gave me confidence and helped me understand myself more. They even gave me solutions for everyday situations.
I was finally able to realize that getting bullied is something out of my control, I can choose to ignore it or stop it.
Why would someone be a bully?
Bullies need attention and they feel energized when they do this to other people. That’s actually a weakness. 
What I can confidently tell you is that no one can stop you if you have confidence in yourself and know that what you’re doing is right and the problem is not about you.
As a child who went through all of this, these are 4 small things you should eep in mind if you’re getting bullied:
1.       Understand that bullying is something out of your control, accept this fact.
2.       Have confidence in yourself, understand that what you passed through is something from the past and now is now! Don’t get sad when you hear some harsh comments about you.
3.       Prosecutors are part of this life, they just fuel up their needs in bullying the others. If you were the victim, ignore them!
4.       Enjoy your life and be grateful and humble to help the others.
Bonus tip: You’re awesome the way you are, don’t change yourself for just satisfying your society.

About the contributor:

- Mohammed Saab: I’m a Lebanese citizen aged 20, I study International Business Management at Hochschule Worms (Germany).
I’m currently in a study abroad period of time as an exchange student coming from LIU and work as Data Entry Freelacer.
Moreover, and this will help a lot I think, I was bullied at school … yes! I know the struggles that children are facing now very well and willing to help them as much as I can. Due to this experience, some children would hate themselves and their life and some others would see a hope from it.
Being in the shoes of the children would of much help! I don’t want many children to face these hardships.
IT’S very special for me to write and help people at the same time.