My Struggle


Stuck in a roller-coaster of emotions,

Struggling to stop that locomotion
I continuously kept on doubting my own worth,
Even questioning if I’m meant to be on this earth
Just tell me how am I supposed to hold my ground,
When every untold word, uncrossed bound
Constantly tries to bury me beneath the dust
Now my voice’s a faded echo I no longer trust
How come it tells I will finally know peace after this strive,
When I don’t even know if I’ll make it out alive
But there was something inside me that kept me trying
Despite everyone who told me to quit
And if the only cost to heal is struggling
Then I’ll make it my first aid kit
That inner struggle is so dark it can blind
Submerged, I engage in a battle of a different kind
To flourish after persevering the whole fight
My power is within, to the root it all comes down,
A root planted in the belief that I am not defined by any noun
I bloom on self-love through heat and rain
I forgive those who have caused me all that pain
To make room for change to take place
From now on, no negative talks are allowed
I learn to practice self-care with grace
Overcoming that struggle made me proud
Because I learned to let go
Bad experiences, despair and sorrow
Looking at the mirror a little closer,
Staring at that mirror a little longer,
I called that reflection my friend
And told her I’ll stand by her till the end.

About the Contributor:
- Hanadie Bou Aboud: 
“Before becoming the strong person she is today, I used to hate myself, zero confidence with a very low self-esteem; no one was there to stand by me, fake friends, busy parents, until I found out alone how important loving yourself is. I am a strong believer of the idea that no writing can be genuine enough if it is not based on a personal experience. You have no idea how much I LOVE writing.”

Hanadie Bou Abboud is a 20 years old finance student. She loves swimming, hiking, photography and writing.

Two years ago, she launched a women’s rights campaign on social media.