STOP changing yourself


In today’s environment, maintaining high self-esteem is harder than it was before. Even though access to self-care and personal evolution tools easier, we can’t really use them efficiently because of the pressure of “right body/ summer body/ healthy body”. With the growing social media and changing “beauty standards”, the pressure on us is growing with it too. But how can we protect ourselves from these expectations of beauty. Should we try to fit in? Or should we change the world’s understanding of beauty?
The thing is; beauty can be found in everywhere if you can look without any social patterns. If you look at the sky and mountains, you can find peace and beauty. If you look at the children of nations, you will find beauty no matter how they look. Because the society does not think that children should have some type to be beautiful. Why should have the teenagers and adults? It’s mostly about the images that went “viral” on social media. We see the comments and likes and reactions of others under some person’s picture and we automatically think that we should look like them to have beauty. We think that to be beautiful means having one type of eyebrow shape and make-up. We think that we should have hourglass type or a gym body to be appreciated. It is because we have been seeing the trends and fashion icons around the world with that particular style and we automatically agree the people are attractive if they are fulfilling the beauty standards.
The thing is; our lives are way too more beautiful by just being ourselves. That boy or girl will still like you even though you are not looking like a model from those expensiv
e magazines. Your significant other’s parents will still integrate you if you are enough to make their child happy even if you don’t have “that” type of face. Your life won’t turn into some sort of nightmare just because you have some pimples or a little extra fat around your belly. Because you are beautiful no matter the standards set by others. You will be you and you will have you for the rest of your life, so instead of trying to fit in with the society’s standards, set your weird free, show your freckles (and for me they’re just all tiny stars you have on your skin), dance at that beach with your “not really in good shape but definitely enjoys cake” body, stop changing yourself according to other’s opinions and start loving and believe me in this cruel but beautiful world, the most mesmerising thing that you can do is showing your love.
“Moon dust in your lungs, stars in your eyes
You are a child of the cosmos and ruler of the skies. (1)

(1) For em – unknown

About the contributor:
I am a college student from Turkey who is at Germany with a study abroad programme and I study International Trade and Finance. I'm 20 and I have lived a lot of places that located in different parts of my country and travelled other countries as much as too so I am familiar with different and difficult situations for people and that's why I'm interested in being part of your community. I've had friends who had mental illnesses because of what they've been through. And the issues that you are covering are the issues I want to help change, make other people aware and provide them with more information that will help them to feel comfortable in their own environment.