5 Steps into Proper Bullying Intervention


Bullying has recently become an epidemic and many children are its victims regardless of its form (review the definition of bullying here). They are usually called names, teased, ignore or humiliated, punched or ganged-up on. Once bullied, children feel depressed, sad, lonely, alienated, detested, angry, powerless, anxious and fearful. We MUST work together to give this problem the attention it deserves because every child has the right to feel safe and secure whether in their school or their community.

Different forms of bullying can be
  • Verbal
  • Social exclusion
  • Physical
  • Spreading false rumors
  • Having possessions taken or damaged
  • Being threatened or forced to do things
  • Racial
  • Sexual
  • Cyber
The consequences are much worse …
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Avoiding schools or playgrounds
  • Thoughts of suicide
(If you want to know more about this in detail, this can be helpful for you)
Many of us want to help a bullied teen or child but don’t know how to start! Well, you will need to do the following simple steps:
1.     “Get educated” about bullying first so you know what you’re dealing with
2.     Listen to their experiences without judging them. Sometimes it would be difficult because we tend to blame the child by saying things like, “You need to learn to defend yourself.” You may also feel overprotective and say, “I am calling the parents right away.” This may be an easy way to deal with the situation but a better plan should be considered.
3.     Try to engage communities, schools, counselors and bus driver.
4.     If the school does not have an anti-bullying policy, please make sure to contact us immediately.
5.     Make sure that who you’re trying to help is surrounded by family and neighbors who are aware of the situation and ready to help. We MUST create a “zero tolerance” to bullying environment for the safety of all our children or friends.
There is no justifiable reason to get bullied or to bully someone else regardless of how they look, speak, behave, act, come from etc. …
Our children and teens need to know that it gets better. They need us to step-up for their basic human right to feeling secure so that they, like any other children can grow and thrive.
Let’s work together…

 About the contributor:
- Nadine Bolbol:
"A Mental Health Advocate and a victim of depression. A concerned single parent raising a child in today’s ruthless world, hoping to make it a more comfortable place for our future generations. I came across a Facebook Post asking for someone to help with writing articles and thought to myself how easy it has become to lend a helping hand with access to social media. Something we should all consider doing more often.  Thank you for reading!"