Bullying: A Concern to All Mothers


An excript from Aline Davoyan, founder of My Motherhood, an online portal which is a place for mothers and moms-to-be to find inspiring stories of family, always with an eye toward style, beauty, and joy.

According to Aline, what drove her to start My Motherhood is the challenge of finding a publication that spoke to her as a mother determined to retain her sensuality and femininity.

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"How can parents help?

As parents, we have a dual role regarding bullying: prevention and support. Moreover, we need to keep in mind that our child can be a victim of bullying or the one bullying others, and each situation has to be dealt with accordingly.

Our lines of communication should always be open as our kids grow up. Given children’s secretive nature, it’s up to us to make sure they feel safe talking to us about anything.

If they witness or become victims of bullying, or if we sense that they feel threatened, we should encourage them to talk to us or to an adult they can trust at school – remember, teenagers usually distance themselves from their parents, they might feel more comfortable talking to a teacher or a social worker, which should be perfectly okay.

Bullies target those they perceive as weak, so helping our children build self-confidence is crucial. We need to teach them how to calmly yet assertively tell others to stop if their behavior is bothering them, but without fear or violence. In fact, a violent reaction is definitely not recommended and, as Psychology Today points out, “by encouraging your child to respond without anger or fear, you teach [him or] her how to portray confidence. The bully, in turn, detects less potential for wielding control.” Also, as bullies don’t usually target groups, we can encourage the child to stay around close ones or adults if threatened.

Tackling cyberbullying might be more challenging. We can’t stop our children from using electronic devices, but we definitely can educate them about the potential dangers of their browsing habits. One prevention method is to carefully explain what cyberbullying is and how to protect themselves. They should know the risks of posting pictures or chatting with strangers, and be able to identify fake accounts. 

 - Aline Davoyan"

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