When was No Label Founded?


No Label was officially registered in August 2015, as an NGO in the Lebanese Ministry of Interior & Municipalities under the registration number 1771. However, No Label has been in the social scene since 2014 as a social movement for the same cause.


Where did the name "No Label" come from?

When someone is bullied, whether physically, verbally, psychologically or online; they are associated with a certain Label, that is mostly negative.

Since our mission is to create bully free zones, anywhere and to fight bullying; we are passionate about making the world Label free, one label at a time.


Is there a lot of bullying in Lebanon?

Bullying is everywhere. It is not about a country or a culture, it stems within individuals themselves. While Lebanon does have a lot of bullying, the topic is highly understated and not properly handeled.

Lebanon lacks statistics and data about Bullying, which No Label aims to change very soon through research.

What is the main reason that causes bullying?

There is no main and direct reason that results in bullying. Check No Label's resources page for detailed info on Bullying.

Is bullying limited to a certain age?

 While bullying by definition corresponds to young individuals, under the age of 18; bullying as an action that can happen at any age. By definition, Bullying changes into harassement after the age of 18. This is why certain resources might refer to workplace bullying as workplace harassment.

Is there a specific age group that No Label targets?

 Bullying is not about the individual getting bullied nor the individual who is bullying someone else, it is rather a relationship between many stakeholders, that No Label taregts in its programs. No Label talks to Students of all ages, Parents, Educators and Employees.

I would like to volunteer, is there a specific criteria for me to become a No Label trooper?

 We have a place for everyone in our NGO. We believe that diversity within age groups in our team gives us strength that brings us closer to our community. You can be a volunteer by applying in our "Get Involved" page.

How can we partner with No Label?

Any industry can partner with No Label. Since our launch, we were able to partner with schools, universities, businesses and several industries who all were passionate about our cause.

If you are an organization of any type, in the public or private sector, interested in partnering with us, contact us on info@nolabelme.org